Gambia: “3 Years Jotna” Bail Hearing Suffers Another Setback

The ongoing 3 years Jotna movement case has suffered another blow. The bail application suffered setback due to the absence of the presiding judge, Justice Aminata Saho Ceesay who was in another engagement at the launch of the Supreme Court Law Report 2011- 2012 as well as the launch of the reprint of the 1994 Law Report held at Ocean Bay.

Importantly, the lead counsel for 3 years Jotna leaders, Rachael Y Mendy was also part of the event.

Cousel Mendy is also a member of the National Council for Law Reform who were the organizers of the program. The program at ocean bay hotel ended exactly the time the case should have started.

The case will be coming on 24th and 25th February 2020 while the 8 executive members of 3 Jotna remain in Mile 2 till the next sitting on the 24th February, 2020.

On 24th and 25th will be the objection on the bail application from the state counsel and reply base on law on the argument of the defense counsel.

Source: Kexx Sanneh

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