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MMS MULTIMEDIA GROUP is a multi award-winning film production company.


We love working with brands to create brand communication films that resonate and engage. We are versatile, adaptable, understanding and care about our clients and what they’re trying to achieve. As MMS MEDIA also has a digital team, we offer a solid understanding of how to communicate your message to the audience.

On top of this, our highly talented team know how to get the most out of your budget. We are a full service video & film media company, with a complete in-house team. This means we are fast, reliable and always looking for ways to create the most efficient workflow and maximise the effectiveness of your project.

Call us for your next campaign and you’ll not only get a video production company that wins awards for quality and cost effectiveness, but you’ll also be using a video production company backed by……….. 

Film & Music Video Production For:

Operating as part of a wider digital In, we have a solid understanding of the most effective way to communicate your message using sharp scripting and stunning visuals.

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